My Child’s Different (2018) Elaine Halligan

This book explores the enabling role that parents can play in getting the best out of children who are seen as different or difficult . An extremely helpful book for both parents and professionals to read.

Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 (2017) Naoki Higashida

This is the sequel to ‘The Reason I Jump’.  Naoki offers insight into his world now as a young adult.  This book challenges commonly held beliefs and attitudes about individuals with autism and especially those who are non-verbal communicators.  Essential reading for parents and anyone working with people with autism.

Sleep: A guide for parents

Cerebra have produced a very informative guide to help parents understand sleep problems in children with intellectual disability and what can be done to improve sleep. It can be downloaded as a PDF.

A Boy Made of Blocks (2016) Keith Stuart

A great read and also insight into family life with a child with autism. Written from the author’s own experience with his son. If you liked ‘The Rosie Project’ then this is written in a similar vein. The Richard and Judy Book Club 2017 Bestseller.

The Reason I Jump (2013) Naoki Higashida

Written by a 13 year old boy with autism spectrum disorder, this book provides excellent insight into the world of someone with autism.  It is a very easy read, written in a question and answer format, with questions such as “You seem to dislike holding hands with people” and “Why do you take ages to answer […]


A free e-learning resource on children’s and young people’s mental health for professionals, volunteers and families. There are a range of level of learning opportunities on topics such as autism, attachment, behaviour, development to name a few.


A quarterly magazine designed to give impartial, fun, practical advice for parents of young children on the autism spectrum.

Autism Today

Extensive American website full of information, resources, literature, interviews. Magazine to subscribe to with international delivery.

National Autistic Society

Very useful website of the UK National Autistic Society. Resources, advice and support, local support groups. Membership to the society is available through the website.

Temple Grandin

An excellent film on the life of  Temple Grandin. It provides really helpful insight into the difficulties Temple encountered and in particular her sensory problems.

Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration (2002) Ellen Yack, Shirley Sutton and Paula Aquilla

Very useful practical guide for parents and professional focusing on children diagnosed with autism or other pervasive developmental disorders. It clearly explains the sensory systems and how to identify problems with sensory processing. There are checklists to identify concerns and it is full of practical suggestions for activities for specific difficulties.

Early Intervention Games (2009) Barbara Sher

A book of fun games that can be played at home or school to develop social and motor skills. The games are designed for children with autism or sensory processing disorders. It is also a great resource for those working in Early Years.