Sensory Diet Cards

A very useful resource from Super Duper Publications to help children to regulate themselves. It contains 55 activity cards under five sensory categories: vestibular; proprioception; oral-motor; tactile; visual, auditory and olfactory.

Animal Actions

Younger children will enjoy these animal action cards, free printable download.

No Longer A Secret (2012) Doriet Bialer and Lucy Miller

This book is a sequel to Sensational Kids and uses the same language in terms of describing sensory processing difficulties and setting up strategies.  It aims to ‘teach low cost effective, functional, on the spot tips to use with children with sensory issues at home, at school, or in the community setting’.

My Sensory Book (2008) Lauren Kerstein

A ‘fun, interactive workbook to help children identify their own sensory profiles and develop a personal toolbox of strategies’.  This book fills a gap in the market in terms of books on sensory processing. It is written in a workbook style and can be used by parents, children and professionals. It includes clear descriptions of […]

Sensory Seekers

This list has loads of ideas of toys for sensory seekers. It is divided into different sensory systems and there is a free printable download.


The book contains 17 songs with sensory ideas for each song and Makaton signs.  It also includes a CD of the songs as well as the sheet music.  This is a great resource for those working with children with additional needs but also for early years. It would be a great resource for home .  […]

No Time For Flashcards

This website has lots of great ideas for sensory and creative play.  Loads of ideas of things to do at home plus plenty of activities that could be used within school.  I found the ‘Browse By Age‘ section helpful and also the ‘Sensory Activities‘.

Sensory Lifestyle

This blog written by an occupational therapist is primarily aimed at parents of babies and young children.  It contains  some useful ideas for sensory activities and also some interesting articles on sensory processing and sensory development.

And Next Comes L

A blog containing loads of sensory resources, educational activities and crafts for kids, and autism resources.  Look at the sensory activity jar , great idea to help with aiding regulation at school and at home, and sensory hacks.

Kids Activities Blog

This blog is packed full of ideas for art, crafts and games for all ages. Some great ideas for the summer holidays including these on water play .

Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Website by the authors of the book ‘Raising a Sensory Smart Child’ has some useful checklists, tips and activity sheets

Early Intervention Games (2009) Barbara Sher

A book of fun games that can be played at home or school to develop social and motor skills. The games are designed for children with autism or sensory processing disorders. It is also a great resource for those working in Early Years.

The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun (2003) Carol Stock Kranowitz

This book features more than one hundred fun, sensory motor activities that help develop sensory processing skills and motor coordination skills. It is full of simple ideas that don’t need expensive pieces of equipment. Makes a great companion book to ‘The Out-of-Sync Child’. Ideal for parents, teachers and therapists. It is one of those ‘must-have’ […]