My Child’s Different (2018) Elaine Halligan

This book explores the enabling role that parents can play in getting the best out of children who are seen as different or difficult . An extremely helpful book for both parents and professionals to read.

Animal Actions

Younger children will enjoy these animal action cards, free printable download.


Amazing website with loads of free videos for different ages designed for the classroom.  Some good exercise videos designed especially for tight spaces.

Kids Workout

Watch here You Tube exercise video designed for older children who want a  more serious fitness type workout.

The Daily Mile

A very simple and effective scheme devised to tackle childhood obesity in primary school. Every child in the school runs a mile a day. This is a very easy way to get 15 minutes of proprioceptive and vestibular input into each child’s day.

Movement Matters

Movement Matters is the UK umbrella organisation representing the major national groups concerned with children and adults with coordination difficulties.


This Canadian website has some very useful downloads and resources available for both teachers/professionals and parents.

The Dyspraxia Foundation

National group committed to promoting awareness of dyspraxia in teaching and medical professions. Useful information and downloads available.

Speed Up! (2004) Lois Addy

A handwriting programme designed for children aged 8 – 13 years, whose handwriting is slow, illegible or lacking in fluency. This programme develops kinaesthetic awareness through multisensory activity and exercise.

Dyspraxia:The Hidden Handicap (1999) Amanda Kirby

One of the most comprehensive and useful books on Dyspraxia. Written by a doctor and parent of a child with Dyspraxia. The book covers the age span from preschool to adulthood and has very useful information on strategies for home and school.