A demo page of plugins, shortcodes icons and images

This is a ‘jump menu’. Use it to create links to items further down the page. It will always be positioned at the top right hand side of the page.

 A heading 1

talkThis image is from the image library included with your web site. It could be used to illustrate a paragraph asking people to get in touch and it can link to the contact page (or anywhere you want it to) . It’s an example of how you can use images and icons to flag up types of content. This paragraph is also bold.

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The next item is a dividing line, use this to keep blocks of text and images seperated. Also use this when you have an image with a small amount of text and it doesn’t line up very well.

 A Heading 2

A Heading 3

A heading 4

A heading 5. Use this when you don’t want an underlined,  big heading.
A heading 6. It can be used to add emphasis to a block of text by making it bigger. This has been used to emphasise the first paragraph of content on many of your pages.

This is some coloured text – you can choose any colour from the palette when you are adding text to a page. Use with caution though!

This is a special button created with a plugin – custom designed for your website, called ‘link button’. You will find it under the ‘Insert’ list above the image editor.

Add it wherever you want to emphasise a link to some content.

Also use it in the Courses widget to create links to your application forms.

These are some quotes designed for your website

There are 4 types.

The following four are accessed via the ‘Insert’ menu:

"A green quote, styled for the Teachers and professionals web pages"

A Citation, ie the name of the person quoting (leave blank for no citation)

"This one is called quote orange, though it is a dark orange colour"

"A grey quote for the teachers and professionals pages"

A Teacher

"This one is called 'p-quote'. It is styled for use on the parents pages."

A P.

And finally a block quote, accessed by a button in the text editor and styled for using anywhere on your website. It does not have any graphics or citation and is good to use for emphasis.

quotestoolThis is the Block quote selector on the edit menu, it uses quote marks as it’s icon.

Important note about quotes in email posts:

Don’t use the coloured quotes in email posts, use  a Block quote.  A Block quote will be rendered in dark grey, italic, bold text and will not have any images or underline when used in an email, this will ensure it always displays without error in the context of your emails.


A gallery of icon images which can be used in your pages. All these images, and more,  are stored in the ‘Media’ section of your WordPress admin.

This gallery shows some of the icon graphics which are available to add to your pages. You wouldn’t necessarily put these particular images in a gallery but this demonstrates the concept. This gallery has 4 columns. You can choose the number of columns when you create your gallery but 4 is the best number to choose as it works well with your template. If you caption an image in your gallery that image will keep the same caption in all your galleries.

 Wide images – use with care!

The following image is designed to divide the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It will only work on pages with a sidebar and if you set the alignment to ‘none’.

If you want to use it on a page with no sidebar (at your own risk – we can’t guarantee this will look ok in all browsers/devices) you will also have to go to the ‘advanced’ tab in the image editor and give it a special class of ‘fullwidth-img‘ (don’t include the quote marks). Otherwise the layout will be broken!

Here it is:divider-rocket

‘Back to Top’ links

And this will take you back to the top of the page. It is accessed at the top right of the editing panel.

(back to top)

A Link to a PDF

This is a text link to Download the programme file.

linkThis image links to a Word Document.