Assessment & Therapy

We offer a flexible, individualised assessment and therapy service to meet the needs of your child and your family.

Services are commissioned through an agency such as schools, local education authority, health services, social care, adoption support fund.  Once services have been commissioned, the first stage in helping your child will be to find out your concerns and your child’s concerns.

"Riaz has come a long way and is doing very well. Thank you for all your help and advice it really has worked and helped us and Riaz."


We believe in therapy being fun and child-centred, a place where your child can grow in self-confidence and gain a sense of pride and achievement. We discover your child’s and your goals during the assessment process and then tailor therapy to enable these goals to be met in the best way.

helpWe will recommend treatment options and also discuss the timescale of treatment. We offer various forms of physiotherapy depending on the needs of your child including sensory integration therapy, sensory motor approaches, cognitive motor approaches and functional approaches (More details for therapy for specific conditions can be found in your child’s difficulties). The options will be discussed following assessment.

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