Assessment will need to be commissioned through an agency such as schools, local education authority, health services, social care, adoption support fund.

Initial consultation appointment

The first stage in the assessment will be an initial consultation appointment to discuss your child and your concerns fully (without your child being present). At this stage we will ask you questions about your child’s development and his/her reactions to everyday life. To gain some of this information we will send out a questionnaire for you to complete prior to the appointment. This consultation will help to determine whether a formal assessment would be useful and which assessment option would be most appropriate for your child and yourselves.

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Assessment Options

The most appropriate assessment option for your child will be discussed at the initial consultation appointment. The assessment is individualised for your child and will be composed of different elements and use different assessment tools depending upon your child’s difficulties.

Full assessment

A full assessment may involve the following elements:abcdefg

  • Initial Consultation Appointment with Parents
  • Parent and Teacher Questionnaires
  • Comprehensive assessment in school, home or clinic
  • Discussion with teacher/classroom assistant/SENCO
  • Detailed report providing specific strategies
  • Feedback meeting with parents and/or school
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Sensory Assessment

This type of assessment is particularly suited for those children where sensory processing difficulties are a main concern, such as children with autistic spectrum disorder, developmental coordination disorder, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome or sensory processing disorder. This will involve assessing your child’s sensory processing abilities using a standardised caregiver questionnaire and informal observation of your child in their natural environment at home and at school. Following the analysis of these assessments we would then have a problem-solving session with you looking at sensory issues and how they impact on your child. In this session we would develop strategies and/or programmes to address the sensory processing problems. Following this session we would then write a comprehensive written report of the findings of the assessment and detail in writing the strategies/programmes that we discussed for home and school. We will then have a follow-up appointment with you and school to discuss the report and findings. Normally we arrange a review appointment after four weeks to review the home and school programme.

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