For Parents

2336We provide a high-quality, comprehensive service to help with your child’s difficulties.  Every child is treated as an unique individual to help them to reach their full potential.
Services are commissioned through an agency such as schools, local education authority, health services, social care, adoption support fund.

Our assessment and therapy services focus on sensory processing problems which are associated with a wide range of developmental disorders such as dyspraxia, developmental coordination disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental delay, sensory processing disorder and neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy.

"Elizabeth had problems with self-regulation and extreme sensitivity to touch and sound. Julia really listened to us and worked with us all as a family to help Elizabeth. We put Julia's suggestions and plans in place immediately and soon found that things were improving for Elizabeth. She is much more in control now than she was and her feeling of autonomy seems to have replaced the anxiousness she had before we met Julia. "

Elizabeth's Mum - Sensory Assessment commissioned through NHS

"Just a huge thank you for all you have done for us as a family. You have made a huge difference to our lives. Thank you."

Audrey and Simon - Sensory Integration Therapy commissioned through Adoption Support Fund

For more information about some of the common conditions we provide services for, visit our page on your child’s difficulties.