Neurodiversity Celebration Week


The first ever Neurodiversity Celebration Week takes place next week May 13 – 17, 2019. This initiative has been driven by 16 year old Siena Castellon to change views on students with neurodiversity. She says ‘ We are the dreamers. The pioneers. The change-makers. The future business leaders. We are the trailblazers. The adventurers. The discoverers. We are the Einsteins and Bransons of tomorrow.’




BBC interviews with women who were all diagnosed with autism as adults.





‘People should be allowed to do what they like’: Autistic adults’ views and experiences of stimming
Autistic adults highlight the importance of stimming as an adaptive mechanism that helps them to soothe or communicate intense emotions or thoughts and thus objected to treatment that aims to eliminate the behaviour.


Astronaut Doll

Hayden, 8 years old, inspires ‘Loyal Companion’ set from Lottie Dolls, includes an assistance puppy, communication cards, headphones and sunglasses






The Reason I Jump 

Written by a 13 year old boy with autism spectrum disorder, this book provides excellent insight into the world of someone with autism. It is a very easy read, written in a question and answer format, with questions such as “You seem to dislike holding hands with people” and “Why do you take ages to answer questions”. This book is a ‘must read’ in terms of helping to understanding more about autism.



Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8

This is the sequel to ‘The Reason I Jump’. Naoki offers insight into his world now as a young adult. This book challenges commonly held beliefs and attitudes about individuals with autism and especially those who are non-verbal communicators. Essential reading for anyone working with people with autism




My Child’s Different

Explores the enabling role that parents can play in getting the best out of children who are seen as different or difficult . An extremely helpful book for both parents and professionals to read.


Introduction to Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorder  

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16 and 17 October 2019

The Space Centre, Preston

Making SENSE of Behaviour  

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27 and 28 November 2019

The Space Centre, Preston