Proprioception in Lockdown 3.0



How do we get proprioceptive input in our day when many of us are working from home, as well as home schooling, and leisure facilities are closed?

How can we counteract the negative impact of being confined to our homes? What can we do when the weather (certainly in the North West!) is not conducive to being outside?

Proprioception (heavy muscle work) is essential for our well being, and for many of us this type of sensory input will be missing at the moment.

Why do we get a feel-good factor when we do heavy muscle work such as going to the gym or going for a run? Proprioception has a regulatory role on our arousal level in general, and is also thought to have a regulating role of other sensations such as tactile and vestibular input. It is thought to help regulate over responsivity to movement and to decrease over responsivity to touch.

See below for some ideas of proprioceptive activities that you can do in your home.


Proprioceptive Activities





  • jump on a trampette
  • jump on an old mattress
  • jump over small obstacles
  • star jumps
  • jump on large sofa cushions on the floor

Walking on hands

  • wheelbarrow walking
  • crab walking
  • walking hands over an exercise ball and collect toys off the floor


Push/pull/lift objects

  • ¬†vacuum
  • clean
  • lift shopping bags
  • push the laundry basket
  • move some furniture
  • push a box full of toys or someone in the box
  • have a family tug of war



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