Sensory Resources for Summer Holidays

Warmer weather arrived last week and the summer holidays are rapidly approaching. For parents, keeping children entertained over the summer holidays may be a challenge and this is often much harder when your child has  sensory processing problems.    For teachers, this is a time of preparation for the next academic year as well as hopefully time for a well earned rest.

8c247a8f-f1f2-4876-873f-402d9c87e878No Time for Flash Cards

This website has lots of great ideas for sensory and creative play.  Loads of ideas of things to do over the holidays plus plenty of activities that could be used within school.  I found the ‘Browse By Age‘ section helpful and also the ‘Sensory Activities‘.


I came across this resource when I was observing a lesson for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities.  It was one of the best lessons I have seen for this group – loads of engagement using sensory input. The book contains 17 songs with sensory ideas for each song and Makaton signs.  It also includes a CD of the songs as well as the sheet music.  This is a great resource for those working with children with additional needs but also for early years. It would be a great resource for home over the holidays.  Well worth a look.

giftlistSensory Seekers

If you have a sensory seeker then you will know that you need to provide them with lots of sensory opportunities at home and at school.  I included this website a few months ago but give it as a reminder of all the fun things that you can do over the holidays.

b1669020-3616-47ca-a776-a9466eca351eTravelling by Plane

If you are travelling by plane on your holidays, Manchester Airport have produced some excellent resources designed for children with autistic spectrum disorder to explain the process of travelling through the airport.  There is a downloadable leaflet for each terminal and also videos.

 Sensory Equipment

I am often asked what equipment I would recommend within school or for home. You do not need lots of fancy, expensive equipment.  Here are four pieces of equipment that I would recommend for home and school use. If you don’t have this equipment in your classroom/school then this is a great time to get it all ordered so you are ready for September.


Autumn Term Courses

All the courses are held in Clitheroe, Lancashire and are open to teachers, professionals and parents.  Applications are now open for all courses and an online application form should be submitted.  There are two reduced price parent places on each course on a first come first served basis.

All courses are also available as INSET or in house training, please email for further details and prices.

Introduction to Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorder (Sensory Course 1)

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Some people don’t behave as we expect them to – not because they won’t, but because they can’t.  Inefficient processing of sensory messages that come from their body and environment often cause this unexpected behaviour.  These people may withdraw from physical contact, refuse to participate in typical classroom and playground activities, or respond in an unusual way to ordinary sensations such as touch, movement, sights and sounds.

The aim of this one day course is to provide teachers and health professionals with an understanding of sensory processing disorder and the everyday difficulties the children experience at school and at home. Practical support strategies will be explored from both an educational and therapy perspective.

Two reduced price parent places available on this course.

Setting Up Motor Programmes in Schools
Tuesday 10 November 2015

Many children in education have not developed the basic motor skills that lay the foundation for academic learning to take place.  Research has shown that by developing children’s foundational motor skills, through motor programmes in schools, progress is seen in academic and learning skills such as handwriting, reading, hand-eye coordination, concentration and attention.

The aim of this course is enable school staff to identify children with motor learning difficulties and equip them to set up appropriate individual or group  motor programmes in school. The course also gives staff the necessary tools to screen children’s motor skills so enabling potential problems to be detected early in the child’s school life.

Sensory Strategies for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (Sensory Course 2)
Tuesday 24 November 2015

The aim of this one day course is to enable teachers and health professionals who have attended the Introduction to Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorder course to extend their knowledge on sensory integration and sensory processing disorder.  The major focus of this course will be to give participants the understanding and skills necessary to identify and analyse sensory behaviours, and then to set up appropriate sensory strategies within home and school.

Two reduced price parent places available on this course.