Your sensory processing knowledge


How much do you know about sensory processing?

In October we had a quiz to test your sensory processing knowledge. Congratulations to the winner; June Walker from The Coppice School, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. She has chosen the book Sensational Kids for her prize.

For everyone who entered the quiz and maybe would like to brush up on your sensory processing knowledge and check your answers, I would recommend reading these two articles by Carol Stock Kranowitz. Sensory Processing Disorder Primer: – When you’re in sync and Part II When senses are out of sync

There were some common areas of misunderstanding, particularly in relation to the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. In the next few newsletters I will cover these systems.

Here are some of the answers. See if you know which is the correct answer. Can you spot the common errors?

Only one of these is the correct answer, what do you think?

Sensory processing is automatic and unconscious

Four of these activities give proprioceptive input. Do you know the difference between deep pressure and proprioception?

Three of these activities are correct. Which three?

So how do you think you did? If you feel that there are gaps in your knowledge then how about coming on one of our courses.


We appreciate that at this time there are many online training courses to choose from and there is a huge variation in the way courses are delivered. When you are booking on any of our courses, we want you to be able to make an informed choice as to the course’s suitability for your learning style and learning objectives.

In creating and delivering online courses we want to recreate, as much as possible, all the positive aspects of our in-person courses including the social aspects of physically gathering and learning together as a group of participants. One of our core beliefs is that for genuine understanding and learning to occur the learner needs to be actively engaged in the learning process. To find out more about our ethos see here.

To allow us to to recreate our very high quality in-person courses and not loose any of the elements, the time for each course has increased by 50 %. The one day course is now one and half days, the two day course has become a three day course.

In October we ran the ‘Introduction to Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorder’ online for the first time. The feedback was excellent and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the course ran as an online course. To the extent that when this Covid time ends, I will continue to offer an online option for each course. Never thought I would be saying this!

“The course was amazing! You have put so much effort and thought into creating such a postive online learning experience. Don’t feel I missed out on anything by not physically attending, apart from cost of travel and hotel!”  Classteacher, special school