Your Child’s Difficulties

Your child may have very complex difficulties and be in a specialised placement with involvement from a number of agencies. Our services are commissioned by a range of sectors including health, education and social care services. Our input would typically involve specialised assessment, consultancy, training and ongoing case management.

Alternatively, it may be that as a parent you are concerned with your child’s development or their progress at school. You may feel that they are finding life difficult compared to their peers and are not able to do the tasks that are expected of them for their age.

"I am now able to watch him at the park and he now does not stand out from any other child. Thank you so much for all the help you have given him, he is now beaming with confidence."


May2330be they have more hidden or unseen problems, and even though you as a parent are convinced that there is something wrong you may have been given the impression that you are being over anxious or a fussy parent by health care professionals or teachers.

Your child may experience and react to sensations such as taste, touch, sound, sight, smell and movement completely differently from other children their age. They may be a picky eater, refuse to wear certain clothes, may cover their ears or eyes, or hate being touched. On the other hand, they may crave sensations and not be able to get enough of them.

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Common conditions treated: